Monday, 29 April 2013

Running Up That Hill

Well that was a bit of an extended rest wasn’t it? For you dear Blog Sufferers Readers.
So where did we leave each other?  Well I was crashing off into the spare hoarded room attempting to carve a bedroom out of it for Major Dragon to return to, since her original bedroom frightened the life out of me (and I am a dragon!)  I did in fact, fill a people carrier with STUFF. So much stuff. A relative thankfully came and took it all to the dump for me.

…And it barely made a dent. *haunted expression*

It was bad. Really bad. I was flu-ey with pulled muscles in my back. And I did an excellent impression of a grieving statue on a coffin, over a box that was bigger than I am and about four times as heavy. I think I hoped the tears and snot would somehow dissolve it.  No such luck though. Major Dragon stormed back to the Hoard a couple of weeks later insisting everything was FINE and took up angry residence on the couch since I had “wrecked” her bedroom (moved what I could from the hall and spare room and parked it in her original bedroom’s doorway while bedroom carving.)

This would be all of us at rock bottom. All exhausted. All sick. All really bloody cross with each other.

Would we survive it?