Monday, 28 November 2011

Explanations, Justifications Yadda Yadda

What is this blog?
A number of things really. This blog is an attempt by me to document my path to insanity. Or is it my return to sanity. Probably both simultaneously.
On a physical level it is my wake up and scream at where I am now.  And desperate scramble to be somewhere else.
Mid thirties.  Depressed.  Living with my mother (Major Dragon or MD for short.)  Who is a major hoarder. 
Let me say that again. A MAJOR HOARDER.  We pitter patter and sidle along hamster runs through it. It is not just a bit of clutter. Not even a big clutter. I am talking about a landfill site with doors and a roof.  I don’t think we were always this way.  But it appears grief and mental illness does funny things to a person with a QVC addiction.  And it is catching.  Or possibly genetic.  Either way I am panicking at a view of my life lived in a 3 x2 square and one day finding myself as a pensioner and sleeping in a stack of newspapers.  All too easy a vision these days.
This blog is here to document my attempts to CLEAN SHIT UP. And gently try and encourage my mother to try and do the same before we are buried in here.
Which is really easy to say and less easy to do.
I should maybe link to the further reading on this at this point. Apparently hoarders are more common than you would think.  And depressed dragons sitting on their loved ones hoards need all the support they can get.  So if you are puzzled, looking at your own piles of crap wondering where the hell you start or just plain wondering what the hell I am talking about try these.
Where all things start – Wikipedia
 Squalor Survivors
American TV  and Show recaps for Non-Americans.  Much easier than watching.
British TV - after this I scent a Brit Hoarders show in the clutter winds.
Children of Hoarders
Help For Hoarders - Brit site, finding this very useful right now.